Edge Canary gets support for Multiple Profile Preferences and more in the latest update

Microsoft has released a new update for Edge Canary. The new update brings a host of new improvements to the browser and is now available to the Canary users.

The new update adds Multiple Profile Preferences to the browser. The option will allow users to set a default profile to open external links. Edge already supports multiple profiles which allow users to create profiles for specific purposes. With the new update, users will be able to select a default profile to open external links. To set a default profile head to Settings > Profiles > Multiple profile preferences (under the hamburger menu) and choose your default profile.

Microsoft has also added a “Phone and other devices ” section inside Settings. The new section informs users that Edge is available on multiple platforms. The section also has a QR Code which can be scanned and will redirect users to the Edge app on the app store.

Via Techdows