EA has paid a visit to the Name Changer to rebrand its EA Access subscription service into the assuredly different EA Play.  

Starting on August 18th, EA Play will take the place of the exactly the same EA Access alongside an all-new logo. It’s orange this time? It’s orange this time! Wow!

Both EA Access and Origin Access will see the aforementioned name change but those who subscribe to the more expensive Origin Access Premiere will see a slightly longer name change. It’s EA Play Pro. Wow.

EA Play
The new look! Source:Eurogamer

While all of the service’s benefits remain exactly the same at the time of writing – early access to EA games, 10% discounts and a library of games to play – new bonuses will be coming to the service soon.

In the future, EA will see the addition of exclusive in-game challenges and monthly rewards that will include anything from in-game items and skins to FIFA Ultimate Team packs.

If you thought that changing the name of their video game subscription service to the same name of their annual E3 alternative livestream, EA thought the exact same thing. That’ll now be called EA Play Live. Wow.

This rebranding comes with the news that the video game subscription service will be making its way to Steam very soon.