Dwarf Fortress, the legendary ASCII-construction-management-simulator-roguelike indie game, is heading to Steam and itch.io.

The announcement was made on Bay 12 Games’ Patreon. A touching note from Tarn Adams, co-creator of Dwarf Fortress and younger brother of other co-creator Zach Adams, announced the game’s imminent arrival on the digital storefronts.

The game is heading to Steam and itch.io with a new tile set and ‘generally enhanced’ graphics and audio. However, the free version of the game which first released all the way back in 2006, will still continue to be supported and updated.

The announcement was accompanied by a rather short trailer which showcases some of the new graphics.

Thanks to Kitfox Games and Tanya X. Short, the iconic ASCII look of the game is getting a modern makeover. Tarn wants to stress that the Steam and itch.io versions of the game in no way compromise Dwarf Fortress’ integrity, and that the game is simply getting an upgrade.

The new version of Dwarf Fortress includes better graphics, music, the optional Adventurer Mode, the optional Legends Mode, and more. Steam users will get Steam support and Steam Workshop integration.

You can wishlist the new version of Dwarf Fortress on Steam now. The game currently has a release date of ‘time is subjective’. You can also check out the itch.io page here.

Source: Bay 12 Games on Patreon and Kitfox Games on YouTube.