Dropbox enters the free password manager market, but with a catch


17, 2021

Author Surur // in Apps, News

LastPass’s decision to limit their free password manager tier has shaken up the market slightly, and the latest entrant is now Dropbox, which is making their paid password manager free.

This means users in their free Dropbox cloud storage tier will be able to use their desktop apps, mobile apps and web browser extension to sync passwords between the various platforms.

Unfortunately, Dropbox has severely limited the functionality of the feature, as it only supports 50 passwords.

Dropbox says “We’re confident that 50 passwords will suit most users on our Dropbox Basic plan. For those who need more, we have a number of other plan options to suit various needs and individual, family or professional situations.”

For most users, a better, more seamless solution is likely Microsoft Authenticator, which is also available on all platforms, and which will sync passwords directly with Edge and via an extension with Chrome.

via the Verge

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