Smartphone manufacturers are still looking for a true alternative to the “notch design” β€” an alternative that would serve the purpose of having a true all-screen experience and while Samsung Note10 with hole-punch design does some damage control, it’s far from perfect as it helps the screen develop a restriction, giving you unpleasant viewing experience.

The good thing about the hole punch design is that you can kind of turn its design flaw to your disadvantage. The process is fairly simple. All you have to do is download Note10 exclusive wallpapers from Samsung by going to their official site. These wallpapers in a way can hide the camera cut out, of course, when you’re looking at the home screen of your Note10 or Note10 Plus.

The hole punch design is on the top middle of the display of the Note10 series, and the wallpapers from Samsung has been designed in such a way that they kind of complement the hole-punch design.

Samsung’s last flagship, the S10 series also come with punch hole design. And Samsung had released S10-exclusive wallpapers to hide the camera cut out on the smartphone too.

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