Download Windows 10 IoT RTM Builds

Windows 10 IoT RTM

Along with the release of Windows 10 consumer and enterprise SKUs, Microsoft also released Windows 10 IoT RTM builds today. Windows 10 IoT Core is the version of Windows 10 intended for development of embedded or dedicated purpose devices and the choice for the Maker community. This package contains the bits and tools needed to install a pre-release of Windows 10 IoT Core on the MinnowBoard Max based on Intel Atom E38xx series SoC (also referred to as MBM board) and the Raspberry PI2 based on the ARM Cortex-A7 based SoC (also referred to as the RPI).

Find the download links below.

x86 IoT for Minnowboard Max:

http://download.micr…OT Core MBM.ISO 

ARM IoT for Raspberry Pi II:

http://download.micr…OT Core RPi.ISO 

via: OSBA

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