Id Software’s Doom Eternal is ripping and tearing through wallets on PC as over 700,00 players have picked up the game on Steam alone. 

According to website PlayTracker, the demonic first-person shooter has beaten all other AAA Steam releases for its first week of launch. With the series’ roots being strongly planted in the PC gaming space, it’s no surprise to see this hardcore shooter find success.

As for console, the shooter is doing well although there is a considerable gap between player numbers. While not as accurate as PC measurements, the website estimates that Doom Eternal sales numbers are between 250,000 – 400,000 individually for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

PlayTracker states that the higher player count compared to Doom 2016’s launch is due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic that is raging across the world.

“The action-packed shooter continues to sell well, topping Steam’s top seller charts despite being a week old release,” the website states. “This is likely a result of COVID-19 prevention measures, which are causing many worldwide to spend their time at home, enjoying various home entertainment and driving Steam to record concurrent user numbers over the past few weeks.”

Doom Eternal - Official Launch Trailer

In our review we effortlessly praised Doom Eternal. Here’s what we had to say:

“Doom Eternal is made for gamers who love to be rewarded. If you thought that Doom 2016 was the ultimate return of classic FPS gameplay, look again. Compared to Eternal, 2016’s hardcore combat was just baby steps. This is the return of Doom.”