Don’t like Windows 8-style apps as Metro-replacement? How about Modern UI?

The Minority Report UI is also chromeless.

The Verge reports that Microsoft still does not seem to have settled on a replacement for the banned Metro moniker for their new UI, and that another contender has popped up its head.

Apparently the words “Modern UI Style” has popped up in documentation and conversations by Microsoft employees.

Several listings for upcoming events about Windows Azure, Bing Maps, and Windows 8, reference a Modern UI design language and principles, Modern UI Style apps, and even a Modern UI-Style UI. An MSDN blog post, made available this week, also references “Modern UI design

The name has a lot more going for it that “Windows 8 style apps”, given that it can apply to any platform, from the web to phones to tablets and desktops, though does come across as somewhat generic.

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