“Don’t fight-Switch” ad doubled Nokia Lumia 920 search interest in USA


imageIt seems the new “Don’t fight – Switch” ad, which parodies the rivalry between Apple and Samsung and their fans, and suggests Windows Phone as a more peaceful alternative, has not just entertained, but has also been successful in arousing the interest of viewers in the Nokia Lumia 920 shown in the ad.

According  to Google’s Trends service, before the ad search interest was stable at around 55-60% of the peak value, which was reached on April 30th, a day after the add was released.

According to BrandRepublic the ad has jumped into their top 10 list of most shared videos at number 4, with more than 187,000 shares and more than 3.7 million views in 5 days.

The ad is currently showing on TV in USA, and may play well in some other markets like UK and Australia where things are still somewhat balanced between iOS and Android.

See the ad again after the break.

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Thanks hja for the tip.