Don’t expect a new Windows 10 Creators Update Insider Build tomorrow

February 19, 2017

If you were expecting a new Windows 10 Build tomorrow after a brief gap between builds, don’t be.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar has just tweeted that Windows Insiders should not expect a new build tomorrow, citing the just completed bug bash as a reason for it.

The last Windows 10 Build issued to insiders came two weeks ago, before the Insider Bug Bash. As a result, Microsoft has had tons of feedback from users on what bugs are left to be squashed, and is working on incorporating the results from that data into the next build.

As you probably know, the Windows 10 Creators Update has reached feature completion, and Microsoft’s next builds are expected to focused on smoothing out bugs and preparing the update for general users before its roll-out between March and April this year.

Are you a Windows Insider? Let us know your thoughts on the Creators Update in the comments below.

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