Don’t buy the iPhone 13 – it will look so old next year


1, 2021

iPhone users tend to religiously defend a feature until Apple itself abandons it, at which point those features become very passé.

Examples include the headphone jack, the home button and it appears very soon the much-derided (by other smartphone users) notch.

Apple introduced the notch in 2017, but according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo they will finally be abandoning it in 2022, with Apple replacing it with the much more common and less intrusive punch-hole camera, enhanced with an auto-focus camera sensor.

Not all models will receive the improved screen, with presumably the older, cheaper, and less desirable models still being cursed with the notch. How many models have the upgraded screen and how many the old screen will reportedly depend on how many screens Samsung can supply.

The move comes too late for this year’s iPhone, which may end up being called the iPhone 12S instead of the iPhone 13.

via iMore.

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