Donald Trump wants Microsoft banned from Federal contracts

by Surur
June 12, 2020

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Microsoft has fallen out of favour with the US Presidency, with President Donald Trump retweeting a message by the former director of national intelligence Richard Grenell that Microsoft should be banned from Federal contracts due to its ban on the sale of Facial Recognition technology to the police.

The news is significant given the accusation that President Trump attempted to sway the allocation of the Pentagon’s JEDI contract from Amazon to Microsoft.

The expression of a clear preference against Microsoft may cause conscious or unconscious bias against the company in future bidding processes.

We had earlier reported that Microsoft’s position regarding the sale of facial recognition technology to the police was not in fact new, but this nuance has been lost on many.

Of course, in Microsoft’s favour, Donald Trump likes Amazon even less, and they have a similar ban in place.

Microsoft’s share price rose 2.5% to $190.97 on the news.

via Bloomberg

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