Does your Nokia Lumia 930 feel slow to you?

by Surur
July 20, 2014

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Sometimes the Nokia Lumia 930 feels slower than the Nokia Lumia 920

I’m an excited new owner of a Nokia Lumia 930, my first Snapdragon 800-powered handset.

I was expecting the device to be a real screamer, and when it comes to opening apps and loading web pages it is noticeable faster than my 920.

However overall I have been less than impressed by the user experiences, and have a nagging feeling of general slowness around the device.

The problems start with waking the handset up from sleep, when it is clearly much slower and less responsive than the 2 year old Nokia Lumia 920.

Another troubling area is the handset’s responsiveness to multi-touch, when it often does not respond at all to two finger zooming. It often requires a second attempt to get it to work properly, at which point it starts working as expected.

Even things like searching for Bluetooth devices to pair with seems slower than on my older handset.

In general I am somewhat disappointed by this aspect. Do our readers have the same experience? Let us know below.

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