Do NOT try to force your phone to Windows 10!



Earlier we posted about a trick that allowed you to download the Windows 10 update for unsupported. Upon reading further about it we now advise against it. As a brisk summary, the trick involves messing with your registry settings and tricking your phone to believe it is another, supported phone. While messing with registry settings should set off a red flag, the description given by the writer is even more damning. They test two devices, and one of them gets bricked right off the bat. For a very risky procedure that has not been tested at all, a 50 percent failure rate is pretty damning – especially when success is a buggy unoptimized preview version.

Indeed Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says as much on twitter:


Now while many people may have better armchair technical knowledge of Microsoft than Microsoft itself, bear in mind that this preview is buggy and unoptimized and Microsoft may have a smidge more of an idea of how the preview will run on your devices. Do bear that in mind before you rant.

If you’re depressed, here’s funny video to cheer you up till the next builds come.

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