Save a Whopping $300 on DJI FPV Drone Combo Best Buy Deal

February 16, 2022
DJI FPV Drone Combo
DJI FPV Drone Combo includes a remote control, a Goggles V2, and a drone.

High-quality drones can cost quite a lot, but you can find some good deals in the market at low prices. For instance, the DJI FPV Drone Combo comes with a $300 discount this 2022 on Best Buy. This won’t only mean that you can save a considerable sum of money, but you can also ensure you get a reliable drone brand. Before you decide to purchase it, nonetheless, here are the things you should know about it:

The DJI FPV Drone Combo offers one of a kind experience in flying a drone camera. It comes with a DJI FPV Goggles V2 that will change your view about how drones should be enjoyed. With this accessory, you won’t only be seeing images: you’ll be with the drone’s eyes as it flies in the air. This will give you more control and let you be more connected and immersed in flying the device. Together with the DJI FPV Drone’s super-wide 150° FOV, you can see more things as if you were literally viewing them up above. Aiding it is the DJI O3 (OcuSync 3.0) Transmission System that constantly delivers crystal-clear real-time video transmission, even at distances of up to 10 km. Plus, it supports auto-switching between 2.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies and provides a video transmission bitrate of up to 50 Mbps. This means its system will significantly reduce stutter and compression artifacts. 

Even more, the video transmission is in HD, and the frame rate comes at 120 fps, so you can expect an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your flight. The drone can also record in 4K/60fps video at up to 120 Mbps, giving you professional-grade footage each time. And to get every recording perfect and creative at all times, you have the distortion correction and 4x Slow Motion feature. As for stability, DJI FPV Drone impresses. Through its RockSteady EIS technology, videos always come ultra-smooth regardless of drones’ flying motions. 

As for the controls and modes, you have a bunch of choices that can make the movement of the drone flawless in the air. Some of the are:

S Mode

The S Mode will help you easily get the dynamic look of FPV footage. Using this hybrid flight mode, you’ll be able to fly the drone manually using the extremely simplified controls of previous DJI drone models. 

N Mode

It is the best option for beginners due to the traditional drone flight controls. It is designed with obstacle sensing and other DJI safety features to guide new users. 

M Mode

The M Mode will give you limitless control and the full FPV flight experience. Under this mode, you can set your own parameters and do more.

Emergency Brake and Hover Button

The DJI FPV’s emergency brake and hover button will benefit all kinds of drone users. It is accessible in all modes, so you can rely on it even in manual FPV flight. Regardless of your drone’s speed, you can activate the said controls, and the aircraft will stop and hover stably within a few seconds.

Audience Mode

Seeing things from above is truly phenomenal. In DJI FPV Drone, you can share that moment with others by setting various DJI FPV Goggles V2 units to your aircraft frequency.

The DJI Virtual Flight App

Are you a beginner? Scared of risking your new DJI FPV Drone by flying it without much experience? The DJI Virtual Flight app will help you out. Using it, you can practice drone flying in simulated scenarios. Just connect the DJI FPV Goggles V2 and remote controller, and you’re ready to experience a virtual flying session.

Other Safety Features

To guarantee the safe flight of the drone, the DJI FPV Drone offers a handful of safety features that can protect the unit against possibilities of damages. It includes the auxiliary bottom light, Smart Return to Home (RTH), Low Battery RTH, forward and downward obstacle sensing, and built-in ADS-B system.

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