Distimo: Windows Phone 7 the fastest growing mobile app store




Regular readers will not be surprised to know that the Windows Phone 7 marketplace is growing fast, and the latest numbers by Distomo, who monitors the category, confirms that the Windows Phone 7 marketplace is the fastest growing application store, growing 38% in March 2011. The growth was just exceeded by the brand new mac store for Apple computers.

Of course Marketplace has hit 15,000 apps recently meaning the growth rate has been maintained in April. Distimo expects Marketplace to overtake the Ovi store soon, which is growing at a much slower pace.

Blackberry Appworld has however been able to maintain its lead, but with more developers interested in developing for Windows Phone 7 than RIM who knows how long this will be.

On the top end growth has slowed significantly in the iPhone App store, with the Android Market expected to overtake it soon.

Perennial loser webOS saw its app store only grow by 9% from its already small base, a situation which is unlikely to change any time soon, with only 12% of developers very interested in developing for the platform and according to Nielsen only 1% of buyers interested in the devices.

Read more at Techcrunch here.

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