Disqus Beta for Windows 10 gets Giphy integration

October 10, 2016

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Disqus released its new Windows 10 app in beta last month. Over the past couple of weeks, the app has been updated with a number of improvements and some minor new features. Today, the app has been updated once again and it brings a pretty nice new feature: Giphy integration. With the Giphy┬áintegration on the Disqus app, you can basically add GIFs to your comments on Disqus which is pretty handy. To access the feature, just click on the Attachment icon from the compose box, and click on Add GIF — after that, there’ll be a dialog where you can search for GIFs.

Here is the full changelog:

  • You can now search for GIFs on Giphy and add them to your comments and discussions!
  • Made unread feed items a little more noticeable

Disqus Beta is available for free on the Windows Store — but do keep in mind that the app may have some small issues as it’s in beta.

Disqus Beta
Disqus Beta
Developer: Disqus
Price: Free

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