Disney Plus will come to the UK and other Western European countries in March

November 8, 2019

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Disney Plus is going live in the US next week, but the firm has just released the launch date for Western Europe as well — March 31st.

While not exactly an exhaustive list by Disney’s own admission, the service will be coming to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain among others in the spring.

Disney Plus will be competing with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple’s new TV service. Of course, the former has a huge advantage. Unlike Apple’s just launched service, Disneys properties are already known quantities and well-loved the world over. Disney is also positioning its streaming service as an essential part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe behemoth. Unlike Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Disney says you’ll need to watch Loki, She-Hulk and Captain America to understand its movies.

Disney Plus will cost $6.99 a month in the US, and €6.99 in the Netherlands. There’s no confirmed pricing in the new regions, but it’s unlikely there would be any substantial difference.

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