Deal Alert: Surface Pro Signature Type Cover is selling at a discounted price

by Rahul
August 26, 2020

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Microsoft stopped bundling a Type cover with its Surface Pro devices a long ago, but as you have heard from pretty much every tech expert, Surface Pro without a Type Cover means you’re missing out on the opportunity to use the Surface Pro as a full-fledged laptop. In case you’re someone who’s using the Surace Pro as a tablet, now you have a good opportunity to make your Surface Pro behave like a laptop purchasing the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover at a discounted price.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro Signature Type Cover is now available at $119, down from $159.99 — that’s a straight $40.99 discount if you do the math.

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover features

  • Features a full mechanical keyset, backlit keys, and large trackpad for precise navigation and control
  • Slim and compact, yet performs like a traditional, full-size keyboard
  • Clicks in place instantly — use in combination with Surface Pro 7 kickstand for a best-in-class laptop experience anywhere.
  • Luxurious Alcantara material on select covers is soft and smooth, yet durable and stain resistant
  • Close to protect screen and conserve battery, or fold back completely for a take-anywhere tablet

You can buy Microsoft’s Surface Signature type cover at a discounted price here from Amazon. You can also buy the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover at a discounted price from Microsoft Store.

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