Digitimes: Surface Studio a hit with shipments double what was expected


28, 2016

Digitimes Research reports that Microsoft may have another hit on their hands, with Surface Studio shipments double what was expected by Taiwan-based supply chain sources.

Despite the $3000 to $4000 price, Digitimes’s sources report that orders may have reached 30,000 units in Q4 2016, double the 15,000 units expected.

They also report that Microsoft has ordered another 30,000 units for Q1 2017.

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio in October with shipments starting in December 2016, with prices ranging from US$2,999 for the entry-level model to US$4,199 for the most high-end.  The first shipments rapidly sold out, and Surface Studio can now be ordered for delivery in early 2017 here.

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