DevToys is PowerToys for Developers

by Surur
January 22, 2022

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We are big fans of PowerToys, the set of utilities which let users extend the features of Windows and make your workflow easier.

Now another Microsoft developer, Etienne  Baudoux Veler,  has released DevToys, which does the same for developers.

Billed as a “Swiss Army Knife for developers,” the description reads:

DevToys helps in daily tasks like formatting JSON, comparing text, testing RegExp. No need to use many untruthful websites to do simple tasks with your data. With Smart Detection, DevToys is able to detect the best tool that can treat the data you copied in the clipboard of your Windows. Compact overlay lets you keep the app in small and on top of other windows. Multiple instances of the app can be used at once.

The collection includes 14 different tools including a Json to Yaml and Yaml to Json converter, a JWT decoder, a Text compare tool, and more.

The full list includes:

  • Converters
    • Json <> Yaml
    • Number Base
  • Encoders / Decoders
    • HTML
    • URL
    • Base64
    • JWT Decoder
  • Formatters
    • Json
  • Generators
    • Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
    • UUID 1 and 4
    • Lorem Ipsum
  • Text
    • Inspector & Case Converter
    • Regex Tester
    • Text Comparer
    • Markdown Preview
  • Graphic
    • Color Blindness Simulator
    • PNG / JPEG Compressor

Some of the tools will have wider appeal, for example, the text comparison tool would be useful for writers and solicitors alike, while the PNG/JPEG compressor could help webmasters. Expect more utilities to join the bundle in the future.

The collection is free, and can be accessed via GitHub here or free via the Microsoft Store.

via HowToGeek

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