devFeed (Beta) – the first client for devRant now in the Windows Store

by JS96
May 20, 2016


The first third-party client for devRant, a new social network for developers, is now available on Windows Store.

Connect with fellow developers over fun rants about tech

devRant is where developers can express how they really feel about code, tech, and the people that make programming super special (for better or worse)

It’s the first public beta version, so not all the features you can see in the official Android and iOS client are already available.

In this version (v0.9.2.0 Beta) you can:

  • See the devRant Feed;
  • Sort posts by “Algo”, “Recent” and “Top”.



devRant unofficial
devRant unofficial
Developer: Jakub Steplowski
Price: Free

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