Developers: Microsoft wants your Mango-fied apps now!

… to update your apps!

In a long post lauding the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem and its potential, Matt Bencke, General Manager for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace ended with a plea for developers to submit their updated apps as soon as possible, if only to enable fast task switching.

He writes:

The time to get your Mango apps into Marketplace is now. AT&T announced their Mango lineup on Monday, and existing customers will begin getting their OS update this fall. At a minimum it’s worth updating your existing app now so that when customers experience Mango they benefit from “fast app switching” multitasking, which requires little more than a recompile of the app.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, get your apps updated to take advantage of other Mango features like Live Tiles and App Connect.

Part of our plan for Windows Phone and this community has been to ensure that we build a great platform and sell it to a lot of customers. With the recent addition of Nokia as a key ecosystem partner, you will see even more handsets in even more markets. We have already announced the doubling of the supported markets for app ingestion, but you can also expect a wider range of price points across the Windows Phone portfolio to ensure more phones are sold to more customers.

It’s a great time to be a developer. Mango will start landing on phones this fall. What are you going to build?

Do I smell an upcoming Mango update release in the air?  We should know soon enough.

Read the full post at the Windows Team Blog here.