Developers confident in Windows Phone survival, number of WP7 developers to increase 150% in 6 months


GetJar has published the result of their latest App Meter developer survey, and it holds good news for Windows Phone 7.

They have surveyed 300 developers and found developers were ready to move on from iOS devices to other platforms.  While 80% of developers were working on iPhone apps, in 6 months 30% expected to move on to other platforms, primarily Android tablets, which rose from 20.5% now to 47% in the future.

Some developers were however also planning to move to Windows Phone 7, with 9% of developers currently working on WP7 apps and 24% planning to do so in the next 6 months.

Despite headlines proclaiming doom and gloom for Windows phone 7, 70% of developers believed the OS would still be around in 5 years. This contrasts with only 50% for RIM and 20% for Symbian. Only 15% of developers were expecting to work on the Blackberry OS in 6 months.

Read more at Getjar here.