Developer Submission: Wallpaper Studio 10, the ultimate background wallpaper app, is now available on Xbox One



Wallpaper Studio 10

The number one wallpaper application on Windows Store, Wallpaper Studio 10, now available on Xbox One. If you want to personalize your console, give it a fresh look every day Wallpaper Studio 10 is the right choice for you.

Wallpaper Studio 10 offers you over 30,000 high-quality HD and UltraHD images to help your device better reflect your personality. If you want to sync your favorite wallpapers across your Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 phone, Windows Holographic and Microsoft Band 2, Wallpaper Studio 10 is the app that allows you to do just that. Wallpaper Studio 10 syncs all your Windows 10 devices with one click.

Upload and get likes for your own wallpapers and share them with tens of thousands of users.

Wallpaper Studio 10 Home Page
Wallpaper Studio 10 Categories Page
Wallpaper Studio 10 Detail Page
Wallpaper Studio 10 Folders
Wallpaper Studio 10 My Band Page
Wallpaper Studio 10 Band Themes
Wallpaper Studio 10 Publisher Page
Wallpaper Studio 10 Publisher Information


  • Upload your own wallpapers and share them with tens of thousands of users. (Not available on Xbox One)
  • Ability to save wallpapers or to use any of your Windows 10 device as Background or Lock Screen wallpaper with one click (Lock screen not available on Xbox One)
  • Create your own folders and slide show
  • Daily new pictures
  • Search through categorized wallpapers, tags & colors
  • The most popular wallpapers within reach
  • Save and view your Favorite wallpapers
  • Sort the wallpapers by date or popularity
  • Rate and share wallpapers
  • Microsoft Band themes, color schema & wallpapers (Not available on Xbox One)

You can download Wallpaper Studio 10 from the Windows Store for free.

backiee - Wallpaper Studio 10
backiee - Wallpaper Studio 10

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