Developer Submission: TASK MANAGER available on Windows 10 Mobile

task manager

Do you want to get more control over your phone? Don’t worry, an awesome Task Manager is available for your Windows 10 Mobile device. Get control over your phone’s performance statistics, apps, processes as well as device manager.

1. View CPU/MEMORY/GPU usage
2. View Disk I/O and NETWORK transfer info
3. View running apps-you can close them (requires pro)
4. View every installed app-you can open/uninstall them directly from the app (requires pro)
5. Device Manager

See screen shots of the app below:

[gallerify title=”Task Manager screen shots”]

Screenshot: Performance Info

Screenshot: Running Apps

Screenshot: Installed Apps

Screenshot: Device Tree


Find the apps in the Windows Store here.

Task Manager-Pro
Task Manager-Pro
Price: Free

Task Manager-Lite
Task Manager-Lite
Price: Free

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