Developer Submission: Talking Message and Ringtones

Talking Message and Ringtones from byteNine is out.

High quality talking message tones and ringtones with a cool female voice.

Most of the tones are completly free for you to save and use.

Give your phone a professional feel with these studio recorded sounds! Each talking ringtone is available in 3 different tones of voice, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect ringone for you.

There are 19 tones available with 3 different versions of each, total 57 tones. The tones are made in a professional studio, spoken by a singer/actress.

These tones are included:

  • A Call Is Waiting
  • A Link To An Incoming Voice transmission is established
  • I’m Detecting An Incoming Voice transmission
  • Incoming Telephonecall Detected
  • I Won’t Stop Talking Until You Take This Call
  • Sir I Have A Telephonecall For You
  • Someone Is Calling You
  • This Is Your Phone Ringing
  • This Is Your Telephone Ringing
  • Would You Please Take This Call
  • You Have A Call
  • You Need To Take This Call
  • A New Message Has Arrived
  • A New Textmessage is Available
  • Incoming Email Detected
  • New Email Has Arrived
  • New Email Is Available
  • New Messages Are Available

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Download from the store here.

Talking Message and Ringtones
Talking Message and Ringtones
Developer: byteNine
Price: Free

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