Developer Submission: Talkinator goes open-source!



The year is coming to an end, yet we wanted to make the Talkinator end this year with a bang! We’ve updated the design to make it even easier to use (and to make it look a lot better!) and we’ve completely disabled ads for everyone!

To make things even better, we completely open-sourced the app! You can check the code (or make your own fork) here:

All right, time for the full changelog:
v1.3.5.0 (29-12-2016):
– NEW: Talkinator is now open-source! Check the source code here:
– NEW: Added a banner to our Patreon-page.
– NEW: Go directly to the systems Speech-settings (to install new voices) by tapping the icon next to the list of installed voices.
– IMPROVED: New layout to make the app even easier to use! (and to make it a tad sexier ;P)
– IMPROVED: Improved navigation with the Xbox-controller.
– IMPROVED: Various cleanups in the code to make the app run better.
– REMOVED: Removed advertisements completely for everyone. Thank you so much for all your support! 🙂

We hope you’ll all enjoy the new looks of the app. If you like our work, support us on Patreon! We’ll be giving away a free code for the digital Retro City Rampage Soundtrack to one lucky Patreon of us on January 1st, so be sure to become one before the end of the year at!

Thank you all so much for your support this year, and on to an even more awesome 2017! 🙂

Developer: Ikarago
Price: Free
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