Developer Submission: Sticky Notes Pro was updated with support for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile!



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Did you forget something important again? – Relax! There is a solution! Just pin the sticker!

It’s easy to remember everything with Sticky Notes Pro!

Sticky Notes Pro allows to create bright notes and pin them to the start screen, pages within app and main screen in mobile devices. You can also change the color and size added stickers, choose the text size, color and style, move stickers on the screen and more.

Use this App – You will never forget anything!

From the current version Sticky Notes Pro is even better!


  1. Support for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.
  2. Support Windows Hello and Ink:
  • Use Windows Hello to reliably protect your personal information stored in the app! After settings, you can add a PIN, use fingerprint or iris scan to access the application. Also you can set to enter these parameters of protection according the time.
  • Ink tool will allow you to draw on stickers.
  1. Ability to share notes via sharing button at the top of the sticker.
  2. Bug fixes.

Sticky Notes Pro in the Windows Store

Rid yourself the headaches! Sticky Notes Pro will solve all your problems with memory! 🙂

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