Developer Submission: SoundByte – UWP SoundCloud App


18, 2016

Note: This app has a free trial which lasts forever.

About: SoundByte is a beautiful SoundCloud client built for Windows 10 devices. Every feature has been hand designed and created for the best possible user experience. Features include listening to sounds, creating sets, receiving notifications, uploading sounds, saving sounds offline and much more!

DragUI: Also experience Drag UI, a new way of liking, sharing, re-posting and adding sounds to sets. Simply drag a sound anywhere within the app to begin.

Upgrade: By purchasing the full app you unlock extended accent colors, extended pin tile options, advanced notification settings, the ability to upload sounds, and the ability to save more than 10 sounds offline.

Video: (Older version, Some UI features have been changed)


Images (Desktop)



Images (Mobile)



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