Developer Submission: ScreenShot Tool Pro was updated! Try new features!

ScreenShot Tool Pro has everything you need to make high-quality screenshots and indicate the important details in them.

screenshot tool pro

New version:

  • New Windows 10 features:
  • Cortana (the ability to manage the application using voice commands);
  • Ink tool (recognition of handwritten text);
  • Windows Hello (the ability to put a password on the image gallery).
  • Ability to take a photo by the device’s camera and then edit it.
  • Edit any image on your device.
  • Edit photos from the gallery.
  • Undo / Redo operations.
  • Adaptive style on the edit page to the theme of user.
  • Improved Blur tool.
  • Bug fixes.

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ScreenShot Tool Pro
ScreenShot Tool Pro
Developer: Denita Global
Price: Free
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