Developer Submission: Perfect 9GAG – Relax with a new Universal app from Perfect Thumb

September 19, 2016

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9GAG is an online platform and social media website. Users upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites. The website’s content is generally referred to as “internet memes”, and is upvoted, downvoted, and commented on by users.

9GAG has a mobile application on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and for BlackBerry 10 BUT Windows 10 Universal. So Perfect 9GAG have been developed by Perfect Thumb.

Some major features:

  • Sign in your 9GAG account and manage your posts and activities.
  • Comments and replies with awesome GIF library that would definitely crack you up.
  • Unstoppable hilarious videos, upvote or downvote them!
  • Keep yourself happy by discovering funny posts on 9GAG
  • Make your friends laugh by sharing hilarious posts on 9GAG
  • Upload a post from camera roll, URL or make your own meme.
  • Download photos & videos.

Some screenshots:


Free download on Windows Store:

Perfect 9Gag
Perfect 9Gag
Developer: Perfect Thumb
Price: Free

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