Developer Submission: Namaz Pro receives Ramadhan Update

21 developers for the past 3 months has been updating “Namaz Pro” a project to develop a “Prayer App” for Muslims which brings the Windows Store Prayer App at par with some of the most popular Apps on Play Store.

A lot of effort has gone into the App which includes a host of features vital for a Muslim Windows 10 device User. It is a UWP app.So run it on your Phone,Tablet,Desktop with Windows 10 OS.






  • Namaz Times (14 Prayer Conventions the most on any store).
  • Accurate Qibla Angle to know Mecca direction from any location.
  • Quran in English,Arabic and Transliteration for the faithfuls.
  • Azan Notifications on your Windows 10 device.
  • Duas (Hisnul Muslim). [Update Arrives Today]
  • Mecca Live Broadvast. [Update Arrives Today]
  • Asma Al Husna (99 Names of Allah) with audio recitation.
  • Mosques and Islamic Centers Nearby.
  • Halal Eateries Nearby.
  • Hijri  Calendar & Islamic Festival Dates.

All this in an App which is free for all Countries and also doesn’t include any advertisement. At the time of writing the Article the App is already being used in 80 different countries worldwide and averages 4 to 5 ratings among users.

Read a News about “Namaz Pro” posted by a user on App Raisin

App Review A review from France.

Download the App on Windows 10 Store Here :

Namaz Pro
Namaz Pro
Developer: 21developers
Price: 1,99 €

And just when you thought you couldn’t use it since you ain’t using a Windows device here is the Play Store Link for Android Users :

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