Developer Submission: Keep track of your work time with UWP app “WorkingHours”



Theres a brand new UWP app in the store, that you might be interested in. “WorkingHours” is a small, easy-to-use time tracking app that employees can use to keep track of their work time (important especially for those who need to enter their work time into a time tracking software). But not only employees could find use in the app, also freelancer, hourly workers or just anybody who is curious about where all the day’s time went to. The app is pretty universal and not tied to a specific use-case. The developer is tryting to keep the app as simple to use as possible yet he already added some of the coolest features Windows 10 has to offer, e.g. Geofencing or interactive notifications.



A quick overview about the app’s main features:
• Universal app, works for both PC & smartphone incl. OneDrive sync to work on multiple Windows 10 devices
• Start/pause/stop your working time without opening the app – via tile & notification
• Edit your work units afterwards to correct mistakes
• Assign tasks or tags to work units
Data export as Excel or CSV file
• Auto-start/stop when arriving/leaving the work place
• Integrates into system calendar & “Diarium” diary app
• Much more is in development, e.g. statistics & work hours analysis, Cortana integration and everything the users like to see to be added

The app’s currently free and doesn’t contain any ads, but it’s possible that this will change in future updates. Basic usage however is planned to remain free.

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