Developer Submission: BluePlay Universal is a Bluesound music system controller for Windows 10



Bluesound is a multi-room music system similar to Sonos, but geared towards users requiring true high fidelity sound quality with support for high resolution formats.

Bluesound have an official Windows desktop application, but no official controller is available for Windows 10 tablets or Windows 10 mobile.

Developer Anders Gardebring has therefore built and released BluePlay Universal, a third-party Bluesound multiroom music controller for Windows 10 on Mobile, tablet and desktop.

Some of the features of the application:

  • Control music wirelessly from anywhere in your home with your Windows 10 device.
  • Browse, search and listen to streaming music services, Internet radio stations, or from your own local music library.
  • Fully supported services: Local music library, Deezer, Slacker, Tidal, TuneIn, WiMP and Radio Paradise. Control Spotify playback. Other services might work partially or fully.
  • Play different music in each room simultaneously, or group players to stream music in sync.

For those having a Bluesound device the app is available for download now for $9.99, with a 15 day trial.



BluePlay Universal
BluePlay Universal
Developer: Anders Gardebring
Price: 9,99 €
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