Developer Submission: Announcing a major update to WinRuler, the app designed to replace your tape measure!


4, 2016

Hey all,

I’m very proud to announce a major update to WinRuler, the app that can replace your tape measure! WinRuler uses geolocation to measure height, length and distance! It’s a replacement for the humble tape measure, a tool which has stood the test of time! Sceptics should know that as WinRuler is merely measuring changes in position, it can be used to measure these with moderate to high accuracy, depending on the device and location.

Please note that WinRuler can be used for measurements exceeding three feet (one metre) only, due to limitations in GPS technology.

The new update to WinRuler adds numerous fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Fixes for some accuracy issues users have reported
  • Support for the US measurement system (feet, yards, inches, miles)
  • An initial setup wizard to set your preferred measurement system
  • I have added a new financing model to WinRuler in this release. In addition to the in-app advertising functionality, you need an IAP to unlock the alternate measurement system. To clarify, you need to purchase an IAP in order to use the measurement system you didn’t select as your preference.

I hope that you will download and use WinRuler, and that it will make your life easier.

Download WinRuler from the Store today!

Price: Free


Callum Moffat

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