Developer Efficiency–WP7 vs iOS vs Android compared–WP7 wins

This video is pretty old, from May 2011, but seems to have gotten a new life recently and is doing the rounds these last few days.

It shows a cross platform developer creating a simple ‘Hello World’ app in XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio for iPhone , Android and Windows Phone respectively.

The developer notes:

The code to implement the "logic" of the app is essentially the same on all platforms. However, in Visual Studio it only takes about 35 seconds to accomplish the task at hand, since there is no additional "plumbing" code needed to make it work.

Obviously this is a trivial example, but imagine how the trend would continue on a more complex app. Would you rather spend your time improving an app, or just making it run?

With Windows Phone slowly gathering a critical mass of users and the iOS and Android app markets so crowded, developers should be evaluating even more closely where their resources are best spent.