Developer documents trials, tribulations and eventual success in porting app from iPhone to WM


1, 2009

Amplitude for iPhone Amplitude for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile has a ton of productivity apps, but when it comes to the fun and populist apps the iPhone has a huge lead. Marketplace for Windows Mobile aims to change that by providing an outlet for developers to access consumers looking for just such entertainment.

Luke Thompson from Gripwire has documented the road to porting just such an app, Amplitude, from the iPhone to Windows Mobile 6.5.

Amplitude is a fun application that enables users to amplify sound from their surroundings. With real-time graphical representation of sound picked up by the microphone, Amplitude users can adjust the volume/gain on their microphones to amplify sounds, such as animal heartbeats, environmental sounds, distant bird calls, tiny sounds from mechanical devices, and a host of other sounds that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Along the road he had to overcome many difficulties, especially in supporting the different graphics frameworks, and reports relying heavily on community resources to achieve the task.

Read the full account, and links the the various resources he found useful, at MSDN here. Presumably with this one under the belt the other 8 he company produce will be much easier.  Here comes 70 000….

Via the WindowsMobile Team blog.

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