Developer Creates Holographic Window Using Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor

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Valve’s Portal game is known for it’s gameplay where portals could be used to teleport between different locations. They are rendered as virtual windows into the connected location with the well-known orange and blue rings around them. A developer has now created a real life portal using Kinect sensors. Watch the video above.

The Kinect V2 is a sensor that can be used to record a 3D view of the world in real-time. It can also track users and can see what their body pose is. This can be used to perform head tracking and reconstruct a camera view into a 3D world as if looking through a virtual window. By using one Kinect for head tracking and another Kinect for reconstructing a 3D view, the virtual window effect of a portal can be created in reality. By using both Kinects for 3D world reconstruction and head tracking a two way portal effect can be achieved.

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