While Intel is losing the PR war with Apple, the company is also working on delivering the next generation of their processor technology, and today we have information of just that, courtesy of publication Videocardz.

Videocardz has managed to get their hands on slides that detail Intel’s new ‘Alder Lake’ CPU.

Alder Lake, unfortunately, remains a 10 nm SuperFin processor and is powered by the Golden Cove core architecture. It should offer 20% higher single-threaded performance and 100% increase in multithreaded performance, possible due to more cores being available.

The processor will support ‘Hardware Guided Scheduling’ (HGS), which works with the Windows 10 scheduler to intelligently assign tasks to cores and threads.

It will retain backward compatibility with DDR4 and PCI 4.0, but also support DDR5 up to speeds of 4800MT/s and PCIe support.

In addition, it will also support Thunderbolt 4, Intel Optane Memory H20, and more.

It is believed that it will be some time before the new processors hit the market, though mobile versions may come earlier.

via Neowin.