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Nokia Lumia 630 Review

Unleashthephones have posted this detailed 20 minute video review of the Nokia Lumia 630.

Interestingly the explained that the cost cutting goes beyond the proximity sensor and navigation keys, and means the handset comes without a microUSB-to-USB connector cable or stereo headset, meaning there is no way easy way to transfer music and photos from your PC to your phone.

The noted that the build quality is good, despite the wide spread cost-cutting measures.

The camera has a  1/4? sensor, with a f/2.4 aperture and a wide 28mm lens.


Both the video and camera quality is described as “ok” but nothing to write home about. Battery life was adequate.

Unleashthephones conclude:

To be honest, the Lumia 630 isnt a bad phone at all, on it’s own. Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia Cyan bring a whole bunch of functionality, performance is smooth, the display is good and it all together really makes this phone good value for money. But since the Lumia 525, Android has really picked up it’s pace, and Motorola especially has been very clever at the low-end side of the market, offering strong performers that are priced similarly, if not lower, than Nokia’s offering.

At the end of the day, while the Lumia 630 is a solid offering, and Windows Phone 8.1 is a solid OS, we’ve finally reached a point where Android has managed to catch up with a budget windows phone in terms of performance, and even undercut it in terms of pricing. Your choice is going to have to be whether you want the quick performance, okay camera, and build quality of the Lumia 630, or the decent performance and wide variety of apps that Motorola’s budget Android phones offer.

Read the full, detailed review, which includes a detailed look at the camera, at Unleashthephones here.

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