Destiny 2 runs at 30 FPS on consoles and features an uncapped frame rate on PC

There’s been numerous confusion regarding Destiny 2 and it’s supposed frame rate on consoles. Just like the first game, the title runs at 30 FPS on consoles according to Bungie’s David Shaw. In an interview with Heavy and other foreign outlets, Shaw said that the game would run at 30 FPS on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it would support 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro. Judging by the gameplay footage coming out of the event, the title doesn’t appear to run at native 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro. Considering that the game is currently in development, that might change as the months ago by. Shaw also said that he couldn’t comment on Project Scorpio as the company was waiting for Microsoft to give them the all-clear after their E3 2017 reveal.

Hopefully this puts the rumors perpetuated by an alleged insider about 60 FPS to rest. The story was picked up by every outlet out there and wasn’t remotely based on facts. An unknown “insider” on NeoGAF said that his “sources” told him the game was going to be 60 FPS on all consoles and would be optimized for the next PlayStation 4 Pro, not this one, but another secret project Sony was working on which they would reveal at E3 2017. The fact alone that Sony would release another console right after the PlayStation 4 Pro is a little ridiculous, not to mention how Bungie made it abundantly clear that Destiny 2 would run on the same engine at Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Hopefully this clears up any confusion. While it’s disappointing that consoles are capped at 30 FPS, the exclusive version for PC features an uncapped frame rate.

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