Despite rumours, Sony Ericsson not committed to Windows phone 7 yet

Likely not real.

We have seen recent rumours of some rather fantastical designs for Windows Phone 7 handsets from Sony Ericsson.

The truth however is much less rosy, with the company pretty enamoured with Android, and still very uncertain about Windows phone 7.

While Sony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron confirmed the company was still in talks with Microsoft over the use of the OS, he notes that he found the strictures of Windows Phone 7 too restrictive.

“With Windows 7 we run the risk of standardising our smartphones. We would be obliged to compete only on design on price, which we want to avoid”, he told Les Echos.

Sony Ericsson, who famously released an Android 1.6 device well after Android 2.1 has been on the market would likely be one the main companies to benefit from some design discipline, but it is likely even in the more freer Android space the company will soon be punished for its lackadaisical approach to the software on their smartphones.