Despite Amazon’s attempts to block Microsoft from proceeding with executing the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract Microsoft is not letting the ink dry for too long and has already started hiring developers for the contact.

Microsoft has listed more than 100 positions for developers with security clearance and CNBC reports that Microsoft “has been trying to lure talent from defence contractors and other companies and get employees the necessary authorization to work on the project”.

Amazon has complained that US President “launched repeated public and behind-the-scenes attacks” against the Amazon which influenced the bidding process, but the DoD replied that “…the department is confident in the JEDI award and remains focused on getting this critical capability into the hands of our warfighters as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

In a sealed complaint Amazon asked a federal judge to block the Defense Department going forward with the contract and asked for the bidding process to be re-opened.

Microsoft for its part has attempted to remain above the fray, merely commenting:

“We brought our best efforts to the rigorous JEDI evaluation process and appreciate that DoD has chosen Microsoft.”

“We believe the facts will show they (DoD) ran a detailed, thorough and fair process in determining the needs of the warfighter were best met by Microsoft,” Microsoft said separately in an emailed statement.

Microsoft president Brad Smith confirmed, “we have if anything been moving even faster since that contract was awarded”.