Design Site Reveals Upcoming Lenovo Products Miix 3, Surface Like Folder Pad And More


9, 2014

Red Dot 21, a design directory website which hosts no.of product images from various companies. Today, it was revealed that this website also have many possible upcoming Lenovo product designs. Lenovo Folder Pad has Surface like built-in kickstand and wireless keyboard covers. Lenovo Miix 3 also looks better now.

Lenovo Design All-in-One

Beta is an all-in-one PC with a Windows 8 operating system and a 21.5” touchscreen. It can be used as a work computer and is likewise suitable for viewing videos or gaming.

Lenovo Design Folder PadFolder Pad:

With its integrated wireless technology, the Folder Pad tablet PC offers new freedom for the user. It features a special stand which is folded out backward like an easel. Lenovo Design Leak Miix 3Lenovo Design Miix 3

Lenovo Miix 3:

Lenovo Miix 3 has the detachable notebook concept where you can place the tablet part in different ways to the base keyboard for different experiences. The design looks a lot better than the current Miix 2 designs because both the tablet and the keyboard are now slimmer.

Lenovo Design ThinkVision monitor

Lenovo Design ThinkVision monitor 1

ThinkVision Monitor: This is not an upcoming product, it is already on sale in the market. But I never knew of it, you might also find it interesting.

Lenovo’s ThinkVision LT1423p touch monitor is the perfect companion for mobile professionals. A 13.3” IPS high definition touch display contains a more immersive experience by providing 10 point touch input and ThinkPad digitizer pen. Perfectly complementing ThinkPad laptops, the sleek professional design encompasses a built-in keyboard stand and a display protected by the industry leading Gorilla glass. With its slim and light design, it is portable for any business occasion and can be connected easily using only one USB 3.0 cable for both video and power. This touch monitor travels in a protective cover with built-in innovative stand. The travel cover stand enables the user to adjust multiple view angles while also enabling landscape or portrait view modes. The elegant design of the monitor case provides an ultra thin appearance (7mm) with a reinforced solid construction combined with a unique soft touch finish. The LT1423p touch monitor excels in user experience providing comfort and portability while working at a desk, on the road, or sitting at home in the comfort of your living room.

via: win8china

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