Dell Venue Pro + Mango = September 20?

IFA 2011 - Vorstellung des Dell Venue Pro

Good news Dell Venue Pro users! Mango is coming officially on the Dell Venue Pro.

Dell has insisted, much like other Microsoft OEMs, that the Mango OS will be pushed out to current devices on September 20. Usually, Dell has a pretty good track record of releasing updates on Tuesdays (Nodo, firmware, Microsoft Security update). Combined with the other musings about Windows Phone Mango updates coming in mid September , the rumored release date gains some face validity. But to be safe, put the release date in the rumor folder because delays do happen

But if you really want to see a Dell Venue Pro running Mango, one has been spotted at IFA 2011. Take a look at the video provided by Moobilux .

Ready to run Windows Phone Mango update on your Dell Venue Pro officially? Let us know!

Thanks Jesse for the tip!