As much as you love Microsoft’s Surface Studio, you won’t be able to purchase a Surface Studio monitor because Microsoft isn’t making them. It might not make sense for Microsoft, but the demand for a Surface Studio monitor has always been there ever the since Microsoft showed off its all-in-all PC. Fortunately, there is someone who seems to be interested in bringing a Surface Studio-lookalike.

It’s none other than Dell who is planning to introduce a Surface Studio lookalike. No this is not similar to Dell Canvas 27, which is basically an extension display that helps you get the creative work done. The company wants to go beyond that and it looks like it’s started working a monitor that will transform into a drawing board with just push, exactly like the Microsoft’s Surface Studio. The company recently filed a patent application for the monitor, which you can see in the below image.

Make no mistake, this is just a monitor and nothing else. And if not mistaken, Dell will register its name as the first company to bring a monitor with such for a factor, assuming that they will not cancel it.

vai: Patentlymobile