Dell finally replaces 15,000 Blackberries with Windows Phones


17, 2011

Author Surur // in Device, News

Almost exactly a year ago Dell announced they will be replacing 25,000 Blackberries with their own Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Clearly things did not go exactly as planned, but now, a year later, Dell’s plan is coming at least somewhat to fruition, with Dell global chief information officer Robin Johnson claiming to have replaced more than 50 per cent of around 30,000 BlackBerrys worldwide with their own Windows Phones.

Dell used to be a "100 per cent BlackBerry shop", Mr Johnson said, but using their own Windows Phones gave them "best coverage and best rate".

"We’re managing our cost base to drive more innovation," Mr Johnson told The Australian.

The announcement is somewhat ironic, considering Dell’s lack of a follow-up product to the Dell Venue Pro and what appears to be a clear step away from the smartphone market for both Windows Phone and Android handsets.

In the end if Dell was to complete their project they may very well have to look a Windows Phone handsets from a competitive OEM.

Read more at The Australian here.

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