Dell announces Latitude 3480 mobile thin client powered by Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Dell today announced the new Latitude 3480 mobile thin client powered by Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. The Latitude 3480 offers the security, control and manageability that organizations require from thin clients in a mobile form-factor. WDM and CCM offer IT teams on-premise or cloud-based remote configuration and policy management through a single console. It is also a cost-effective solution that makes use of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise to offer familiar user experience of a regular enterprise-class laptop.

Dell Latitude 3480 mobile thin client features:

  • Strong Performance with Portability: Leveraging the thoughtful design and user experience of the Latitude portfolio, the 3480 mobile thin client has a14-inch Full HD display and is built with a robust feature set including an Intel dual core processor with integrated graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and extended battery life.
  • Robust Connectivity: The Latitude 3480 mobile thin client supports a broad mix of peripheral attachments and network connections, including USB 3.1 (2) and 2.0 (1), RJ45, HDMI and VGA ports, and WLAN and Bluetooth connections. Customers can also use the Dell D1000 USB Dock Station for further peripheral expansion.
  • Software Choice: Customers can connect to a variety of virtual desktop brokers including Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS and VMware Horizon.

Enterprise organizations can also configure it with additional security layer with Dell Threat Defense, an advanced threat prevention solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help proactively prevent malware including ransomware and zero day threats from executing on all Windows thin clients.

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