Deezer’s new desktop app ditches the Windows store, promises high quality sound


15, 2017

Deezer is launching a new desktop app for its Music service on both Windows and MacOS. While eagle-eyed readers may note that Deezer already has a Windows desktop app in the store, this app won’t be going to the store — at least not at as a universal app if at all. The new Deezer app for Windows is aimed at Windows 7 users and above and is the company’s next iteration of its Music app.

Deezer wants you to use this app to listen to your hi-fi music in lossless CD-like quality, better than lossy MP3s served by more common music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music. Much like Tidal’s USP, except Deezer is actually used by more than 5 rich people in Hollywood, and could actually carve a niche out for audiophiles.

This app is currently only available to subscribers to their Premium + tier and offers all the benefits of the regular app, as well as support for the HiFi audio experience the firm highlighted.

Deezer’s Cheif Content and Product Officer noted: “Deezer’s desktop users will now have a new home to play their Flow, discover unknown artists and watch exclusive video content – all within a newly designed, one download app. Furthermore, we are excited to offer hi-fi audio to users who want to further enhance the quality of their overall listening experience.”

Deezer’s current Windows 10 app will remain available for download, but one gets the sense that it isn’t exactly the top priority anymore, as far as desktop apps go.

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